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About Us

Delaware Ohio Pride started in 2019 after a controversy involving a local library. Community rooms at Delaware libraries are available for non-profit, civic, cultural or educational groups. A number of local teens requested a “Drag 101” program to learn more about the history and art form of drag. The library didn’t organize the program, but it allowed a local group to use the community program for it. It would have been hosted by a Selena West, a Columbus-based nationally known drag queen. But once word got out, the library system got a lot of flack. Some of the phone calls they received contained veiled threats regarding the safety of staff and the participants of the program. The library director reluctantly canceled the program. But a local comic book shop owner came to the rescue, closing her downtown storefront for an afternoon and allowing the workshop to take place there. Hundreds of supporters, including other drag performers, lined the streets to show our support. It was this issue and the outpouring of support evident that local residents and Delaware natives Lee and Spencer Webb decided it was time for an LGBTQ+ Advocacy group in Delaware County.

Pride Parade

Our Mission

Delaware Ohio Pride is an organization dedicated to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment for the LGBTQ+ and Allied members of Delaware County. We organize programs and events that provide resources and education about LGBTQ+ topics. We partner with and promote local businesses and organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community.

Delaware Ohio Pride Board Members

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