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Pride Flag Definitions

As of 2022, there are 22 different Pride flags and we embrace all of them. To learn more about all the different Pride flags and their meaning, click the video below!

Looking for a specific Pride Flag? Skip to the time stamp in the video for the following:

Demisexual Flag (0:05)

Two Spirit Flag (0:27)

Genderfluid Flag (0:52)

Polysexual Flag (1:15)

Aromatic Flag (1:31)

Asexuality Flag (1:58)

Rainbow Flag (2:20)

Traditional Pride Flag (2:49)

More Pride Flag/Philly Pride Flag (3:03)

Progress Pride Flag (3:17)

Intersex Inclusive Progress Pride Flag (3:35)

Bisexual Pride Flag (3:50)

Nonbinary Flag (4:07)

Pansexual Flag (4:28)

Demi Boy Flag (4:49)

Demi Girl Flag (5:09)

Transgender Flag (5:28)

Gender Queer Flag (5:47)

Intersex Flag (6:12)

Agender Flag (6:32)

Lesbian Flag (6:48)

Gay Men Flag (7:12)

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